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September 2017 : Detpx


09/14 The Blog

Myth of Acne Home Remedies

Although there are a lot of laser devices and intradermal fillers that can fix to scar today, the psychological effects of scarring can be very damaging. The main goal is to prevent it from happening.

09/11 The Blog

The Legend of Tiger Milk Mushroom

Hailed as Malaysian national treasure, Tiger Milk Mushroom has been recognised as one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms used by indigenous communities for more than 400 years.

09/07 The Spotlight

Seller Spotlight: Lifefactory

Lifefactory is now available on! 100% Authentic - purchase directly from Lifefactory Malaysia via

09/05 The Blog

Detox is 90% Scam!

"Detoxification" in the medical term refers to medical procedures that rid the body of dangerous, often life threatening levels of alcohol, drugs or poisons.